Yeah right…

My installation of Windows 7 (the friendliest windows ever, right?) required activation. Here’s the result:

Picture 2.png

Very user friendly, eh? :-) The funny thing is that the dialogue box you see at the foreground is the result of clicking “For a possible resolution, click More Information.”

After a little Googling coupled, of course, with a M.Sc. Computer Science and 15+ years experience in Software Programing, I found out that this error occurs, for some reason, when your date/time/timezone are not correct!

Fixing the date/time/timezone led to this:

Picture 3.png

The question now is, why can’t Microsoft put error messages that mortal human beings understand? If your Mom calls you and starts talking to you about having an error “0×80072F8F”, what can you do other than asking her to take cover or something!

This is exactly why Apple and OS X are going to continue to eat Microsoft’s lunch. People at MS just don’t get it.

Yeah right… The Friendliest Windows Yet!


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